Weaving Stories

  • Inabel, A Rare Beauty

    It is said that true, lasting beauty is rare to find. Upon discovering Inabel, a unique handwoven fabric native to the Ilocano region in the Philippines, we knew that we had stumbled upon something truly special. Our Inabel pillows are treasures to hold onto for a lifetime. They carry these age-old customs and crafts from the Ilocano region all the way to your home. View Post
  • Decluttering is a powerful way to start the year and it can also be a great form of self-care. All of us have a little ‘clutter’ around the house, but with these 5 steps your space will be open, clear, and decluttered in no time.  View Post
  • Among the many things we love about Christmas is that it offers an opportunity to share our passion for conscious shopping. We get to start meaningful conversations while delighting the people in our lives with intentional gifts that make an impact.  Neepa Hut’s products are uniquely handmade w... View Post