Neepa Hut Story

 The artistry of Southeast Asia is distinctive and timeless.
The crafts of our artisans are steeped in tradition.

Neepa Hut now shares their stories with you.

01 - who we are

NEEPA HUT distills the artistic beauty of Southeast Asia by finding the region’s most unique handcrafted accessories and household goods, and bringing them to you and your contemporary home.

Started as a passion project by a Los Angeles- based social entrepreneur, our business aims to preserve the heritage of Southeast Asia artisans through awareness and conscientious trade. We develop a sustainable market for these products by collaborating with like-minded companies seeking to revive traditional art and craft. Your purchase helps keeps the traditions of these artisans alive. 

02 - our story

OUR STORY takes roots in the coastlands dotting the Indian and the Pacific oceans, where, traditionally, indigenous people lived in stilt shacks with roofs covered in nipa palm. Today, nipa huts have come to symbolize the Filipino value of bayanihan, the spirit in which the people of a community come together in an effort to achieve a common goal. It is this sense of communal unity  from which Neepa Hut draws its inspiration.

03 - our values

OUR VALUES are inspired by the artisans’ dedication to the traditional methods of their crafts and their commitment to the sustainability of their land and its natural products. All of our goods are carefully selected, of premium quality, handmade and locally sourced in fair trade. Our vendors themselves come from the communities that create our specially chosen collections.


OUR MISSION is to extend the value of bayanihan by promoting and preserving the skills, crafts, and heritage of artisans from areas most affected by natural disasters, poverty, or overdevelopment.