Neepa Hut Story


JENNIFER SHUM ABELEV is the Los Angeles-based social entrepreneur behind Neepa Hut. Her desire to make a positive impact was sparked  by spending time with artisan communities in Southeast Asia. Seeing the women practice their respective crafts, she was struck by their ingenuity and perseverance, despite their humble surroundings.  

Motherhood, for her, took on a new significance after spending time with these women. Consequently, she traded her career in finance for a new challenge, focused on preserving the heritage of Southeast Asia artisans through Neepa Hut. 

The crafts of our artisans shape the social fabric of their villages, and help them provide for their children and families. It is their sense of community and togetherness that Jennifer hopes to extend through Neepa Hut’s products.


OUR MISSION is to extend the value of bayanihan by promoting and preserving the skills, crafts, and heritage of artisans from areas most affected by natural disasters, poverty, or overdevelopment.