Weaving Stories

  • It's always a good idea to clear the air and refresh our surroundings with new energy. Smoke has been used in many cultures for cleansing and healing, and one of the most common smoke-purification rituals is a Native American tradition called smudging. This traditional ritual of burning sage has... View Post
  • Spring Cleaning is an age-old ritual that reminds us to revive our homes after the slow and stagnant winter season. In addition to dusting and decluttering, now is the perfect time to refresh your surroundings with new, bright decor. Use our guide to decorate the home with chakra colors and cre... View Post
  • If we think back a few generations, mindfulness was in many ways a normal part of everyday life. Quiet moments were trickled throughout the day in tasks such as farming, being on the fields, long walks to town, and quiet surroundings at home without TVs and radios.  It's hard to imagine life wi... View Post