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The Power Of Community

The Power Of Community

Artisan weaver


— A Filipino  concept meaning the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal —

We are silenced by the destruction brought on by the wildfires here in California. Disasters have a way of doing this. They bring along a reality check and show us how fragile life can be. Sometimes we need perspective and inspiration from a little further away, the kind that pours hope into us and shines light in the darkest of times. Now more than ever, we’re inspired by the spirit of Bayanihan and the example our weavers have shown.

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the rural villages in the Visayas Islands in the Philippines. Instead of tearing everything apart, the disaster brought artisan weavers together to restore their homes and livelihoods using the traditional crafts that had sustained generations before them. This is a beautiful example of tragedy turning into triumph.

As we look around us, our eyes may open to see the many possibilities that arise from seemingly bad circumstances. We are reminded of the resilience within us, and how to rise up from brokenness and become stronger than ever.  We all need each other, we are a global community that reaches from the west to the east and around the globe again. As we strengthen one another and rise up in the spirit of BAYANIHAN, we tap into the power of togetherness and start creating a better life for all.  

There rises a quiet thankfulness within our hearts as we’re reminded to count our blessings and show up for each other. Let us see each other, hear each other, and care for one another in a genuine way. There is real power in that. For us at Neepa Hut it looks like a basket or a mat. That is our way to continue to deliver hope in the world.