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How To Declutter Your Home: 5 Easy Steps

How To Declutter Your Home: 5 Easy Steps



All of us have a little ‘clutter’ around the house, little knick-knacks that dampen our mood without us even noticing. Decluttering is a powerful way to start the year and it can also be a great form of self-care.

So, what is clutter?

Clutter is anything that is laying around our home, not adding value to our life. Decluttering means to get rid of excess and create a space that reflects a mood we enjoy. It is best done in stages. There is no hurry and no aim for perfection. It is a great way to stop and practice slow moments while going through your things to organize.

The Benefits of Decluttering

According to Psychology Today and Web MD, we can feel like life is a little out of control when we are surrounded with too many loose things around the house. I am sure you have experienced that perfect moment of peace and serenity after cleaning up. It’s a feeling of a great (and well-deserved) accomplishment. We live more beautifully when our home reflects our inner peace.
 Here are some simple steps to get started.

1. Start Small  

I would suggest starting from the entrance to your home. Once you do this, you will notice that the feeling of ‘getting things done’ increases. It is a powerful way to decrease stress and anxiety. There are many studies supporting that getting rid of loose and excess things around our home frees our mind space, reduces family stress, and helps us to focus. 

2. Don’t Do Everything at Once

Decluttering your entire house can be overwhelming, so it’s good to approach it as a bigger project. Make a list of the spaces that need decluttering and create a timeline for yourself. Tackle the project little-by-little, focusing only on one room at a time. To make it even more manageable, always start from a small area of the chosen room, for example, the hallway countertop, and work yourself up from there.

3. Play a Game of Keep or Toss

The point of decluttering is to get rid of unnecessary items that take up space in your home. Ideally, you will be left with only your most valued possessions that are meaningful and/or serve a purpose. Separating items into 3 boxes can help you with the process of recognizing the items that add value to your life.  

  • A box for relocating items (= moving into another room) 

  • Give away

  • Throw away

4. Learn to Let Go

We easily get attached to items, even when they have no place in our lives anymore. Asking yourself questions like ‘Do I use this?’ and ‘Do I love this’ can help. Take a short moment to contemplate the value that each item brings to your home. 

There is no reason to hang on to things given to you by friends or family, for example, if you do not truly enjoy them yourself. Be honest with yourself and pass them down to someone else When unsure, take a picture of an item to cherish the memories and see if that makes letting go easier. 

5. Store Items in Baskets

After letting go (well done, this was the hardest part!), invest in beautiful containers. We recommend using containers made of natural, non-toxic materials. Here at Neepa Hut, we have a great variety of baskets that work perfectly for decluttering.

Our baskets are versatile and you can hang them up on the wall, place them in a row on the shelf, or set them on the floor. I love to throw my magazines in our Straw Basket, organize kitchen jars in the Bidayuh Woven Basket, and put away my kids’ toys in our Bidayuh Lidded Storage Basket. Neepa hut baskets do not only open up space in the house, but they also look beautiful once set in a place that speaks with your décor.