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A Gift From Our Artisans to You 

A Gift From Our Artisans to You 

Among the many things we love about Christmas is that it offers an opportunity to share our passion for conscious shopping. We get to start meaningful conversations while delighting the people in our lives with intentional gifts that make an impact. 

Neepa Hut’s products are uniquely handmade while respecting nature and providing artisans with sustainable income. They create connection, tell a story, and leave a mark on each person they’re shared with.


We’re constantly in awe and inspired by our artisans — what strikes us most is their incredible resilience and ability to create such beauty out of seemingly nothing. Our Dream Weavers take pride in every step of the weaving process from gathering the raw materials to making the final stitch. That in itself brings an abundance of meaning to each finished product. In addition, the proceeds of one mat allows a weaver to fund her child’s quarterly college tuition fees. 

We’re honored to take you on a visual journey to the Philippines, where the story of our mats begins: 



The story of our weaver community breathes unique life into our mats. Once the finished product finds its way from the artisans hands into your home, her story becomes a part of yours.