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How to Create the Perfect Meditation Space

How to Create the Perfect Meditation Space


If we think back a few generations, mindfulness was in many ways a normal part of everyday life. Quiet moments were trickled throughout the day in tasks such as farming, being on the fields, long walks to town, and quiet surroundings at home without TVs and radios. 

It's hard to imagine life without the hustle and bustle of today, but thankfully, there are many ways to bring moments of stillness into our days. One of the most powerful ways is through meditation. The beauty of meditation is that benefits can be seen with dedicating as little as 5 minutes a day to the practice. 

The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Can you believe that there are over 1500 scientific studies on the health benefits of meditation? Research shows us that meditation is good for combating various illnesses, stress, and even the signs of aging. There are physical changes in the structure of our brain that take place during meditation and create long-lasting changes.  

Additionally, meditation helps us train our brains and strengthen positive thought patterns, which allows for better creative and critical thinking.

Our human tendency is to fixate on thoughts of judgment, criticism, doubt, fear, shame, and blame. In a sense, meditation is like a gym for the spirit and mind that strengthens our ability to let go of these negative patterns and create more positive thoughts instead. 

Creating a Meditation Space at Home

Creating a sacred meditation space at home is the perfect way to connect to our inner selves and make room for more moments of peace. Having a specially designated space can be a meaningful part of the meditation experience, as it allows our mind, body, and spirit to relax deeper. 

This can be a corner in the living room, a room that is rarely used, or even a closet. Here are our tips for creating the perfect home mediation space:

1. Choose Your Space

Make sure the room or space you choose feels good.  Take into consideration the lighting, the quietness, and activities around the room. With the help of a beautiful room divider, a corner of a living room works great. A spacious closet offers extra privacy and if you need fresh air, an outdoor balcony or covered patio can be a great place too.

2.  Add Furniture

Depending on your chosen space and needs, consider what furniture you need. You may want to add a room divider, a small table or shelf, a mat, your favorite blanket, and meditation pillows and cushions. For extra privacy and comfort, you could even buy a little tent or hammock to meditate in.

If you would rather sit on a chair than on the floor, create the space around your a comfortable meditation chair.

 3. Supply your space

Next, think about the various items that enhance your practice. If you use items like candles, beads, and crystals, you can choose to display them on a tray.

Remember to consider other mindful activities that you could practice in your meditation space, like reading, knitting, art, yoga, and so on. Use baskets and trays to store the items and materials you need.    



4. Consider Aromatherapy

You can choose your favorite fragrance and use incense, aromatic oils or candles in your meditation space. Watching a flame flickering in the soothing scent of lavender can add a wonderful element to the meditation experience. 


5. Add a Touch of Nature

Getting into your beautiful inner world is all about connecting with nature as well. By adding an element of nature, your space becomes infused with balance and harmony.  You can place your favorite plant into a basket, bring a vase of fresh flowers, or even a small water fountain with sounds of water. 

Happy meditations!