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Slow Living in the New Year

Slow Living in the New Year

“There is no hurry, and in a way there is no future. It is all here — so take it easy, take your time, and get acquainted with it.” - Alan Watts

With the start of the new year, you might feel inclined to write a long list of goals and resolutions, but what would happen if you switched your focus from doing many things quickly to fewer things at a much slower pace? By slowing down and being present you can start to build lifelong habits slowly instead of forcing big changes all at once. 

Slow living, the process of living more mindfully by focusing on one thing at a time, can help you do just that. Sometimes life moves so quickly, you try to do so many things at once, and you lose connection with the important things in life. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be this way. By slowing down and learning how to be more present you can find more ways to take care of your well-being, the quality of your relationships, and your connection with nature.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate slow living into your life:

  1. Focus on your breath

Our minds are constantly racing and oftentimes, this takes us out of living in the moment. Finding stillness can help us be more present. Take a few minutes everyday to sit still and focus on your breath. As thoughts come up, don't hold on to them for too long, simply acknowledge them, let them go, and come back to your breath. Carry this moment of stillness with you throughout your day.

  1. Journal

Take 15 minutes to sit down and write down your thoughts in a journal or a piece of paper. Write down 2-3 things that you're grateful for. Reflect on each item and write about how each of these things make you feel. How does this bring joy to your life? What would your life be like without it? Take a few breaths to soak in these deep feelings of gratitude. Sometimes we forget how much there is to be grateful for. Keep these lists nearby and come back to them whenever you need a reminder.

  1. Connect with nature

At NEEPA HUT, our core values are built on slow living and being connected to nature. Here are a few ways you can bring nature into your daily life:

  • Go for a walk and try to be as present as possible. Pay attention to wind moving through the trees and the sounds of birds chirping. A good walk can clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.
  • Bring nature into your home. If you live in a busy city or don't have a lot of time to be outside, consider filling your home with houseplants. This is a great way to connect with nature without having to leave your home. Houseplants are also great for purifying the air and can even improve mental health by lowering levels of depression. Learn more about The Many Benefits of Houseplants.
  • Fill your home with items that are environmentally friendly. At NEEPA HUT, our weavers use traditional techniques and natural materials such as rattan, cotton, bamboo and seagrass to bring peace and a sense of calm into your space. Learn more about our weaving materials and the value of using natural materials.
  1. Get organized

A clear space does wonders for a clear mind. It can be hard to be present when you are constantly thinking about decluttering. Clear off the surfaces in your home and wipe them down. Take inventory of your things, get rid of things that no longer serve you, and find ways to organize the things you decide to keep. Read more about the benefits of decluttering in our post: How To Declutter Your Home: 5 Easy Steps. 

  1. Put your phone away

Our phones are powerful tools but also big distractions. Designate a few hours per week where phones aren't allowed. This could mean no phones at the dinner table or no electronics in bed. Take these moments to be more present with the food you’re eating or the conversations you’re having with family and friends. When we pay attention, especially to our loved ones, it gives us the opportunity to be more open and connected.

Learning to live slowly is a process. As you find ways to be more present in your own life, don’t forget to be gentle with yourself. Taking the time to pay more attention to what you’re doing is the first step! Let us know how you’re living more slowly on Instagram and tag @neepahut.