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Wooden Palm Spoon | Short Handle

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Look no further for the perfect non-metal spoon for digging into your coconut oil or creating your favorite dishes. These beautiful, heat resistant wooden utensils won't scratch or disturb the finish of your delicate pots and pans. Due to their antibacterial tendencies, they are great for stirring, serving and cooking food.

The smoothness of the palm wood on your hand brings you one step closer to nature. Best yet, the material is durable and made for everyday use. And what a look! The creative and artistic handcrafted design of the wooden spoons gives a beautiful appearance to your kitchen.

Our beautiful spoons are handmade by the cottage industry in Malaysia. Each purchase supports the livelihood and traditional crafts of its maker. 

Since ancient times, wood has been a popular option for cooking utensils due to its properties. Wood has natural germ-killing properties compared to plastic or metal. Additionally, it is a great environmentally responsible choice for kitchenware, as wooden utensils are made from renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic substances!

Material: Palm wood
Color: Brown with Palm wood pattern
Short hand - 8.5"H / 3"W

Artisan Made

From the Tribes of Southeast Asia to your Home

Connection to Nature

Celebrating Natural Products from the Earth


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