Triangle Indoor/Outdoor Woven mat

Triangle Indoor/Outdoor Woven mat


A statement piece--perfect for the living room, bedroom or covered patio. Alternatively, roll and strap up the light and airy mat, head to the beach or a picnic... unfurl... and dream a little dream under the sunshine.  

Complimenting your home’s uniqueness, these beautiful mats are available in rectangular or round shape as well as various patterns and colors.

Each mat in the Dream Weavers collection is handcrafted using a generations-old weaving process perfected by artisans in the Pacific Islands. The exotic patterns recall the body-painting traditions of ancient warriors and reflect the vibrant colors of the local landscape.

Frimbistylis globulosa ("Ticog" grass) fibers are used as base, and patterns are embroidered with dyed buri palm leaves.

6.8"H x 5"W


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