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Handcrafted by tradition
     for your contemporary home.



A statement piece -- perfect for the living room, bedroom or covered patio. Alternatively,  roll and strap up the light and airy mat and head to the beach or a picnic.

Unfurl... and dream a little dream under the sunshine.







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+ Pouches

Each bag and pouch in the Dream Weavers collection is handcrafted using a generations-old weaving process perfected by artisans in the Pacific Islands.

The exotic patterns recall the body-painting traditions of ancient warriors and reflect the vibrant colors of the local landscape.







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These baskets are made during the non-harvesting period. The weavers all belong to one extended family, who come together during the low agriculture season to weave a variety of baskets.

There are several basket forms but only a handful weavers. Some baskets include patterns interwoven with painted strips.  







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