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Instant Mood Lift: Brighten Your Space with a Window Sill Planter

Instant Mood Lift: Brighten Your Space with a Window Sill Planter

When outdoor space is limited or you just don’t want an outdoor garden, windowsill planters are a great option. Bonus: You don’t need much of a green thumb to use them. Here’s how to choose the right planter to help you grow veggies, herbs or flowers indoors.

Be Honest About Your Skill Level

Do you kill everything you try to grow? If you’re busy, absent-minded or just can’t quite get your green thumb activated, a self-watering planter is a game changer. Look for one with a water-level gauge that can show you when your plant needs a refresh, like this one.

Look for Good Water Drainage

Growing your own herbs is one of the best ways to kick your home cooking up a notch. . But herbs, like many other plants, don’t like to have their roots sitting in puddles of water—they need good drainage to grow well. So make sure you get pots or a planter for your herbs that have drainage holes. Look for potting soil that contains peat moss and perlite for extra drainage support.

Remember the Saucer

Using a saucer with your indoor plants is key to catch excess water and prevent spills and water damage to your floors, tile and other surfaces.

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